“We offer a range of solutions for partner firms looking to establish or enhance current sales team’s overseas capabilities. We craft and execute customized market entry strategies”

Matt Kennedy, CEO

Our Services

Our Services

We work along side our partners existing sales organizations to outsources international business development services. Specifically, we help our clients:


We use a mix of advanced qualitative and quantitative data to identify markets that offer the greatest opportunity for your unique business. We consider sales potential, time to 1st sale, easy of market entry, and costs, among other variables.


We use our knowledge and experience working in a wide variety of foreign markets to identify any pertinent regulatory barriers, and determine precisely what your business needs to fully comply with local permits and licenses to export your product from your home country, as well as verify that your distribution partners overseas has the appropriate permits needed to import.


We find and prioritize potential on-the-ground partners for your business. Whether you are a processed foods company looking for distribution to large and small costumer stores or a medical device company looking for a skilled support staff to provide after sales services, we can find the best partners for you. We work with you to find a local partner with the specific skill sets needed to grow your business.


We will help your business identify and approach buyers for your products. We concentrate on sales-ready leads with strong and immediate demand that are willing and able to offer your business the best possible prices for your products.


If you need help financing your international expansion, we will work with you to develop financial plan for growing overseas.


We will determine the least expensive and most reliable methods for getting your product to market, whether it means working with a global logistics firm like FedEx, UPS and DHL, a freight forwarder, or a reliable local distribution partner.